Addressing Equity Through Transformational Leadership

State investments and higher education policies play a critical role in creating equity in both access and completion. These levers are driven by leadership, and to make a real difference we must have the right leadership. Increasing success for students of color requires a specific leadership style. This leadership style must be transformational. Transformational leadership […]

How is your campus handling mental health?

By Amanda McMahon and Jessica Bonilla College is often referred to as one of the best times in a young person’s life. However, college is often a challenging time, and it is important to consider the pressure facing students today. Course workload, accumulating debt, holding down a job or internship, and pursuing more advanced degrees can all […]

Employee Spotlight: A Q&A With HCM’s Yuri Velasquez

Yuri Velasquez is a Senior Associate and Engagement Counselor on HCM’s Health Innovation team, primarily working with the NIH’s All of Us Research Program. Yuri brings Over ten years of experience in public health. In this role, Yuri works with HCM’s Community & Provider Gateway Initiative Partners helping educate under-represented communities on the All of […]

A Focus on Equity: Reflecting Back to Move Forward

2019 was a busy and rewarding year for our team. Our dedicated staff has worked to help states, institutions and organizations address issues of equity in a national climate that has become so divided.  I am excited and optimistic about 2020 and the work ahead addressing equity, diversity and inclusion. Director of National Talent Dividend […]

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