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Kristin Conklin

Kristin Conklin

Kristin Conklin believes that good public policy drives change, a philosophy that led her to form HCM Strategists with Terrell Halaska and Michael Manganiello. She is an expert in higher education policy and strategy development at the state and federal levels across the firm’s higher education clients. She led the American Dream 2.0 coalition and a technical panel of experts recommending financial aid reforms in “Doing Better for More Students.” Kristin has also led the firm’s Strategy Labs state policy outreach for college productivity, supported by Lumina Foundation, since HCM’s inception in 2008.
  • Fixing FAFSA: Are we the Fox, or the Cat? #FixFAFSA
    Education/Faces Of FAFSA

    People often speak of having “smell memories.” Me? I have weather memories. A bright, clear blue sky on an early fall day reminds me of 9/11, before the plane hit the Pentagon. A middle-of-the-night thunderstorm reminds me of the comparative quiet of nursing a child in a dark room, lit up occasionally by lightning. And ... [more]

  • In an election year when pandering abounds and little serious legislating occurs, Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bipartisan draft bill today. Their proposal would cut a clear path through the maze of federal financial aid programs to make a simpler, more transparent and flexible program for students. This forward looking proposal brings ... [more]