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  • The Day I Learned to Hate Art

    I love art.  It has a place in schools, museums, theater, and in other ways that enrich our lives. But I don’t want it to dictate the medicine my daughter takes. Fifth grade was pretty good for Rachel as far as IBD goes – certainly better than the end of third grade when she was ... [more]

  • Preference and input not only matter, they are the key ingredients in a successful outcome. When you cater a party, things can take a turn for the worse if you don’t account for party-goer preferences. It will not go well if you host a pig roast for a vegetarian club or serve shelled peanuts at ... [more]

  • This is the fourth blog our team at HCM Strategists has submitted for #DBlogWeek.  The first three were written by two of my colleagues with type 1 diabetes.  They were deeply personal, incredible moving, and really good reads. (Check them out here: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3). Now it’s upon me.   We decided ... [more]

  • Glamour, glitz, great people watching and learning a little bit about all of the movies I wish I had seen over the past year. That’s what I look forward to on Oscar night.  And Sunday night was no disappointment.  But I was struck by something while listening to the acceptance speeches for Best Actress and ... [more]

  • My husband and I recently vacationed in Iceland.  We are planners, so before we left we bought guide books.  We talked to friends who have traveled there.  We checked reviews and online sites.  We had an agenda and were anxious to rent a car and begin our adventure.  What we quickly discovered, however, was that ... [more]

  • If someone gave you three minutes to present a case that could increase treatment options for patients, do you think you could do it? Three minutes. That’s 180 seconds. Some days it takes me longer to order a cup of coffee on my way to the office. This is a process that plays out during ... [more]

  • Type 1 or 2, the FDA needs you!

    Type 1 or 2, the FDA needs you! FDA invites diabetes patients to voice concerns and ideas Nov. 3 For the first time the broad, diverse and complex diabetes community will be able to engage directly with FDA. On November 3, the FDA is inviting all diabetes patients to join them in an online discussion. This is ... [more]