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  • Living this long with diabetes, you develop a personal relationship with the technology you depend on to keep you alive.  That is why I still have every insulin pump I’ve ever used.   Each one tells a story of where I was in my life with diabetes and I won’t let myself throw them out. Disetronic ... [more]

  • This past weekend was Mothers day.  A common topic in the online community that I love to read is children living with type 1 reaching an age where they look back and realize, with deep gratitude, all their parents and supports did.  I love to work with parents of children with type 1 and explain ... [more]

  • I’ve been living with 1 diabetes for almost 18 years. All of those years had challenges and successes. As you all know, living with diabetes forces you to be independent way beyond your years. You can’t just go and eat, school is not just about classes it’s about balance, and you are always watching numbers. ... [more]

  • Those of us residing in the Northeastern United States continue to hide away under blankets, waiting for a sign that spring is just around the corner. And there is one spring staple that Mother Nature can’t take away – the start of baseball. Major league baseball has come under scrutiny in recent years for a ... [more]

  • One day in and March Madness has ensued, already proving why it is one of the best sports events of the year. Filling out the bracket. Pulling for the underdog. Buzzer beaters. The nearly 10 years of a spotless record against my dear husband. I love it all. Of course, being an education policy wonk ... [more]

  • The #CommonCore Rumor Mill

    Before my career in education policy, I was a middle and high school special education teacher.  Naturally, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I’d need to know about the world of social media.  There was constant chatter among my students about the most recent tweet, post, newsfeed, etc. In my day high ... [more]

  • Glamour, glitz, great people watching and learning a little bit about all of the movies I wish I had seen over the past year. That’s what I look forward to on Oscar night.  And Sunday night was no disappointment.  But I was struck by something while listening to the acceptance speeches for Best Actress and ... [more]

  • My husband and I recently vacationed in Iceland.  We are planners, so before we left we bought guide books.  We talked to friends who have traveled there.  We checked reviews and online sites.  We had an agenda and were anxious to rent a car and begin our adventure.  What we quickly discovered, however, was that ... [more]