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  • Type 1 or 2, the FDA needs you!

    Type 1 or 2, the FDA needs you! FDA invites diabetes patients to voice concerns and ideas Nov. 3 For the first time the broad, diverse and complex diabetes community will be able to engage directly with FDA. On November 3, the FDA is inviting all diabetes patients to join them in an online discussion. This is ... [more]

  • The Only List That Matters

    Lists, lists, glorious lists. I love lists. I love making lists. I love reading lists. Lists help me to remember the 90’s in a better light — here is a good one: Action Movies that made you miss the 90’s. Of all the lists I have, however (and I have a lot!), there is one that is the ... [more]

  • In an election year when pandering abounds and little serious legislating occurs, Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bipartisan draft bill today. Their proposal would cut a clear path through the maze of federal financial aid programs to make a simpler, more transparent and flexible program for students. This forward looking proposal brings ... [more]

  • Seeing the Big Picture

    This year, seven states are wrapping up multi-year, College Productivity grants funded by Lumina Foundation and managed by HCM Strategists. These seven states (Arizona, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas) advanced state and system policies in one or more of four issue areas, called “the four steps” (performance funding, student incentives, new models and ... [more]

  • Any fans of dramatic medical shows like ER, House and Grey’s Anatomy have probably seen a tonic-clonic (i.e., full body) seizure. However, chances are it was a poor depiction of what a seizure looks like and how bystanders should respond. Sometimes you see a doctor holding down their patient or people stuffing random objects in ... [more]

  • It seems that every day we see the release of new reports, research and updated statistics on educational attainment. From college costs to completion, attainment gaps to debt, we are awash in numbers, stats and graphics. But so many times in my life, I have been reminded of the faces and families behind the statistics. ... [more]

  • At HCM we strive to make life better for patients with chronic diseases and conditions. A patient–focused approach to policy is central to the health team mission, and has driven our work since the inception of the firm in 2008. This mission is also an intensely personal one; four of our team members live with ... [more]

  • Monsters University: A Scary Good School

    In the summer of 2013, Walt Disney Studios released the Pixar produced animated movie Monsters University. In this prequel to Monsters, Inc., we learn how our favorite monsters, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (“Sulley”), met as scare majors at the prestigious Monsters University, became best friends and landed jobs at Monsters, Inc. We also get ... [more]