Employee Spotlight: A Q&A With New HCM Health Innovation Team Principal Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark is a principal of HCM Strategists’ Health Innovation Team, and a recognized leader on U.S. health policy.  He currently advises organizations on how to navigate shifting trends in the U.S. health marketplace, as well as the policy and political landscape. Bobby is also working to pilot a new public sector management practice at HCM. His views on health policy issues have been featured in the Morning ConsultThe Hill and STAT News.

Why did you to join HCM?

First and foremost, the talented HCM staff that I now get to work with every day. HCM has built an impressive team, who are all motivated by making a difference. Second, it’s the important work HCM does. I wanted to work for clients that are making a positive impact on people’s lives, and the organizations HCM works with align with the values that the firm embodies.  The work that HCM does on behalf of the NIH’s precision medicine initiative or with clients to address the opioid epidemic is what inspired me to join HCM. I am thrilled to continue contributing to such important work in my new role.

What will you bring to HCM?

I bring over 15 years of public and private sector experience working on health policy issues.  I am looking forward to using that experience in my work with the health practice and helping it grow. The Health Innovation team is made up of dedicated individuals who are entirely focused on positive patient outcomes. I am also excited to announce that I will be piloting a new non-profit/public sector management practice. HCM is comprised of experienced staff that comes from these sectors, and we have plenty to offer organizations to help advance their missions through organizational and talent management. I plan to work collaboratively with our staff to help these organizations develop their workforce through targeted trainings and resources, using the expertise and knowledge that we have at HCM.

What inspired you to dedicate your career to health policy?

Few issues impact almost every person the way healthcare does. We all get sick, and when we get sick, we need a compassionate, accessible, affordable, top-notch healthcare system. Those things aren’t easy to achieve, but they’re worth fighting for, and that is something I can do every day at HCM.

Who inspires you and why?

Throughout my career, I have encountered many inspiring people who have made a real difference in health policy. I had the privilege of working for Congressman Frank Pallone, who now chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee and continues to inspire me. There is also a lot of talented staff in Congress and the executive branch who have dedicated their lives to advancing healthcare in this country. They quietly go about their jobs, and not many people see how big of an impact they have. They deserve a great deal of recognition as well.

Was there a time you personally saw your work affect positive change in health policy?

I have first-hand experience of this in my own life. I helped write and pass the Affordable Care Act, which established a new system for individuals to obtain health insurance. When the Obama administration ended, and I was no longer working for the federal government, I lost my employer-sponsored coverage. It’s because of the ACA that I was able to obtain insurance at an affordable rate. That probably wouldn’t have happened before the ACA.  There are so many stories out there similar to mine, and I am humbled to have contributed to something that has helped so many people.

What do you enjoy outside of work? 

Where do I start?  Running, eating (I run so I can eat), travel, planning my upcoming wedding with my fiancé Kris, and playing with our puppy – who can be followed on Instagram @thedistrictbernedoodle

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