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HCM Strategists partners with clients who share our desire to dramatically improve U.S. education, especially for those students who have historically been underserved. We work with clients across the P-20 continuum who understand that change happens when policy, advocacy and communications are aligned and leveraged in service of a desired outcome.

Our clients are on the cutting edge of reform, demanding more and more of our nation’s education systems. We are proud to work alongside them in the development of innovative strategies, policies and solutions that will advance their goals.

The HCM team represents decades of bi-partisan, hands-on experience on the front lines of education reform. Our experts have experience at the highest levels of state and federal policymaking and policy development, in coalition building, advocacy, communications, strategic planning, board development and research. 

As seasoned professionals, we have longstanding relationships with key national decision-makers and opinion leaders. Our clients know from experience that we are consensus builders, working side by side with national leaders as thought partners and resources in the development of evidence based solutions. That trust opens productive lines of communication and provides a strategic advantage for our clients. HCM excels at bringing groups together in coalitions that capture the attention of policymakers. We artfully frame messages and adeptly employ strategic planning, facilitation and outreach strategies to drive home the importance of improving college readiness, postsecondary access and completion. With HCM, clients gain a thought partner deeply invested in their agenda and committed to the soundness of the prescription.

Additionally, team members work collaboratively with our clients to: 

  • Provide support and strategic guidance to help form policy priorities for K-12 and higher education
  • Communicate complex policy concepts in simple, understandable terms to students, policymakers, the media and other stakeholders
  • Bring K-12 and higher education organizations together and lead coalition efforts focused on legislative and regulatory priorities
  • Research, evaluate and provide strategic planning counsel
  • Identify opportunities to directly engage on policy issues in a strategic, coordinated fashion
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