The Federal Financial Aid Advocacy (FFAA) Fund will award more than $1 million in short-term grants to support innovative, timely advocacy activities that activate diverse stakeholders and advance federal policymaking for financial aid programs—helping those connected to higher education to harness the power of persuasion.


Beyond creating effective messaging, materials, events and campaigns, the FFAA Fund aims to:

Build unconventional partnerships of complementary skills and common purpose;

Activate, amplify and empower new voices often missing from the debate; and

Seed creative approaches to building will for change—thinking beyond traditional briefings and “Hill Day” visits.


The Fund is governed by an expert Advisory Committee and managed by HCM Strategists.

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Our Purpose

With short-term grants of up to $200,000 each, the FFAA Fund aims to expand creative, innovative advocacy approaches that build will for adopting changes to the federal financial aid system that have the potential to increase college completion, better serve more students, and improve return on investment.

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HCM will post brief summaries of grants awarded through the FFAA Fund. After the final grants are complete, HCM will prepare and publicly release a summary of funded activity and impact, which will inform consideration of any future funding opportunities.