Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Resources

Definition of Advocacy:
ad·vo·ca·cy  (ăd′və-kə-sē)

The act of speaking on the behalf of or in support of another person, place, or thing.

The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.

The power of advocacy is enormous. It is what fuels change in public policy.

It is imperative that the voices of our aspiring young students and our other stakeholder groups are heard by policy makers.

Advocacy is more than just meeting with a member of Congress.  Effective strategies can include grassroots or grasstops campaigns, digital strategies, social marketing and thought leadership.

To help inspire new, creative thinking around advocacy, we have assembled a number of “best practices” – advocacy efforts that have been highly successful. Each of these efforts has amplified the voices of advocates in very effective ways.

We will continue to add to this collection of advocacy examples so please check back with frequency.

Back to Basics explores how the HIV/AIDS advocacy movement revolutionized patient engagement. The report highlights 5 key elements of the advocacy model that can be used by today’s patient advocates to catalyze significant public policy change.


This blog post from the Impatient Optimists offers five ways to engage your most passionate advocates.

Impatient Optimists

The National Safety Council has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of teen drivers across the country through its Teen Driving Initiative by leading grassroots coalitions, producing digital resources for parents, and creating – an online tool for parents to understand how they can better support their teens though the challenges of being new drivers.

National Safety Council Teen Driving Initiative

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation engages in a number of advocacy initiatives that have proven to be extraordinarily effective in changing public policy.  Three are described here – Children’s Congress, Promise to Remember Me Campaign, New Member Outreach Initiative.

JDRF Case Study

This American Association of Neuroscience Nurses tool kit is intended for those looking to become knowledgeable about policy advocacy and how to take action.

AANN Advocacy Tool Kit

This timeline shows the successes of the Alzheimer’s Association’s advocacy community since 2000.

Alzheimer's Advocates Center

These online training videos look at how to create change when confronted with the status quo and ways to make a compelling and impactful case within the policy space.

The Breast Cancer Deadline Online Training