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  • ESEA: When Bipartisanship Goes Wrong

    They label it as “bipartisanship,” but many of the interest groups lobbying the rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) are not focused on what is in the best interest of America’s students.  Terrell Halaska explains why a movement with traction on both sides of the aisle isn’t necessarily one we should be following. [more]

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  • Education and Friendship In Tunisia Will Trump Extremism

    In a time rife with political and social unrest around the world, Tunisian Assistant Professor and 2014 George W. Bush Women’s Initiative Fellow Emna Ben Mustapha Ben Arab and her mentor HCM Partner Terrell Halaska offer an important perspective on the future of international cooperation.

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  • The Law Has Provided Useful Data About U.S. Schools

    What would it mean to “fix” No Child Left Behind?  As the Elementary and Secondary Education Act comes up for reauthorization, it’s essential that we examine the existing law and determine what is (and isn’t) working.  Terrell Halaska examines the effectiveness of data collection, the balance between federal and state authority, and why we must prioritize ... [more]

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  • Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Talks About the State’s Performance Incentives

    Teresa Lubbers, current  Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education, talks about the strides that Indiana has made in higher education, specifically the evolutionary shift to fund colleges based on performance metrics. To read the full article, click here.

  • Future of No Child Left Behind Hinges on Bipartisanship

    In an oped co-penned by HCM Strategists Partner, Terrell Halaska and Senior Associate, Martha Snyder, the importance of bipartisanship related to the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – the law formerly known as NCLB – is explored. To read more about the progress of the Act, click here.

  • Politico Explores Where Outcomes-Based Funding Works

    Politico Pro posted an article yesterday titled Where Outcomes-Based Funding Works.  See a clip of the full article below: The Seventy percent of states have or are creating policies that base college funding on student outcomes rather than enrollment, but the practice may not always serve its purpose, a new HCM Strategists report suggests. The best policies are ... [more]

  • Critics Weigh in on Performance Funding, but Agree that the HCM Report is “Helpful”

    In an article by Paul Fain of Inside Higher Ed, critics weigh in on the issue of performance funding and its risks. While some are still skeptical, they agree that the newly released HCM report is helpful. “They’re offering some guidance and some classification themes,” said Nicholas Hillman, an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin ... [more]

  • Gates Talks About Getting Back to the Basics of Outcomes-Based Funding

    Dan Greenstein, director of Education, Postsecondary Success at the the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, challenges the commonly held beliefs surrounding outcomes-based funding versus the realities, and mentions the recently released HCM report. Read the full article here.