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  • College is Worth It

    HCM Strategists partnered with Hart Research Associates and The Winston Group to produce this report on beliefs about the importance of college, impressions of the financial aid system, priority for reform, and reactions to potential reform approaches.

    View the full report: COLLEGE IS WORTH IT
  • Context for Success

    What practical ideas can researchers suggest to policymakers who want to measure the outcomes of higher education, but who also want to account for the differences in the types of students colleges and universities enroll or the financial resources they are provided?  How can we identify which institutions are most effective in educating students while ... [more]

    Visit the CONTEXT FOR SUCCESS website
  • State Policy Approaches to Support Prior Learning Assessment (2012)

    A policy resource guide for state leaders created as part of the College Productivity initiative. This guide is intended to serve as a resource for state leaders who wish to promote PLA, whether through new higher education regulatory language or through legislation.

  • Beating the Odds

    HCM Strategists and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation convened a series of conversations with a diverse group of 32 postsecondary institutions about what it takes to help students — particularly low-income, minority and adult students — successfully earn a degree. Beating the Odds: What It Means and Why It’s Important highlights these practices in ... [more]

    View the full report: BEATING THE ODDS
  • Tracking Momentum

    Tracking Momentum was a 2010-2013 HCM Quarterly Progress Update on Advancing Higher Education Productivity in America. To view past editions, please follow the links below: Momentum Newsletter September 2010 Momentum Newsletter December 2010 Momentum Newsletter March 2011 Momentum Newsletter June 2011 Momentum Newsletter October 2011 Momentum Newsletter December 2011 Momentum Newsletter March 2012 Momentum Newsletter June 2012 Momentum Newsletter September ... [more]

  • ACT2020

    A communication tool designed to educate the community and encourage users to advocate for policies that transform the health care system.

    View the website: ACT2020