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  • Patient Advocacy Coalition Launches

    Partners for Better Care (PBC), a nonpartisan coalition comprised of  patient organizations seeking to improve health care in the U.S., launched this morning. PBC’s inaugural members—AIDS United, American Liver Foundation, Amputee Coalition, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Hemophilia Federation of America, The MAGIC Foundation, National MS Society, Parkinson’s Action Network and United Cerebral Palsy—all ... [more]

  • Wheelchair Accessible Park Expanded in Scranton, PA

    HCM Partner Michael Manganiello, on behalf of The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, presented a grant check and was part of the dedication ceremony for new equipment for Scranton Park in Scranton, PA on November 5, 2015. The additional equipment being dedicated at the children’s park included a glider with room for two wheelchairs built in, ... [more]

  • Uber Ed

    “Who is to say that more individuals cannot become the drivers of their own education, enabled with the proper tools and guidance?” Terrell Halaska discusses the changing higher education landscape in Inside Higher Ed.  Read the full article here. [more]

  • States to Colleges: Prove You’re Worth It

    Recent post from The Pew Charitable Trusts, “States to Colleges: Prove You’re Worth It” discusses growing movement for higher ed public funding based on performance, citing HCM & Martha Snyder’s Driving Better Outcomes report. [more]

    States to Colleges: Prove You’re Worth It
  • Fixing FAFSA

    Kristin Conklin makes her case why it’s time to #FixFAFSA and allow millions of Americans the opportunity to easily apply for and receive timely, clear information about federal grants and loans for college. [more]

    Fixing FAFSA
  • ESEA: When Bipartisanship Goes Wrong

    They label it as “bipartisanship,” but many of the interest groups lobbying the rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) are not focused on what is in the best interest of America’s students.  Terrell Halaska explains why a movement with traction on both sides of the aisle isn’t necessarily one we should be following. [more]

    When Bipartisanship Goes Wrong (Read Article)
  • Education and Friendship In Tunisia Will Trump Extremism

    In a time rife with political and social unrest around the world, Tunisian Assistant Professor and 2014 George W. Bush Women’s Initiative Fellow Emna Ben Mustapha Ben Arab and her mentor HCM Partner Terrell Halaska offer an important perspective on the future of international cooperation.

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  • The Law Has Provided Useful Data About U.S. Schools

    What would it mean to “fix” No Child Left Behind?  As the Elementary and Secondary Education Act comes up for reauthorization, it’s essential that we examine the existing law and determine what is (and isn’t) working.  Terrell Halaska examines the effectiveness of data collection, the balance between federal and state authority, and why we must prioritize ... [more]

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