• Is your state working to help more people earn college credentials? Perhaps someone you know dreams of going back to college to finally earn that degree. A sampling of recent headlines from across the country suggests we might be reaching critical mass on the issue. 

  • When I reached out to a leading clinician in the field for some guidance and advice – which he provided – he put it diplomatically, “treating IBD is as much about art as it is about science.” I knew this already, but it didn’t make it any easier to hear it from a leading expert. I learned early after her diagnosis that there was no handbook. 

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  • Principles to Inform Outcomes Based Funding Models,” established a comprehensive typology of outcomes-based funding (OBF) models and a state-by-state classification of funding systems according to the typology. The 2016 update of “Driving Better Outcomes” provided an enhanced typology informed by continued engagement with state policymakers and promising practices as well as updated state-by-state data.

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