HCM Strategists Launches New Promising Policy Video Series

The Series Features Education Experts Highlighting Promising Policies to Drive Better Outcomes and Equity In Education HCM Strategists has launched a new video series as part of the Promising Policy initiative. The videos feature education experts highlighting policies that drive better outcomes and equity in education. The first video in the series features HCM Senior Director, […]

Promising Policy: Driving Better Outcomes and Equity in Education

A New Series from HCM Strategists HCM Strategists recently embarked on our second decade of work to help clients define and advance effective education and health care policies that serve the people who stand to benefit the most. We founded our firm on the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education and health care […]

Translating Data: Using Student Performance Data to Inform Policy and Improve Outcomes

Over the past two decades, states have built data systems to capture and store vital information that can be used to measure student performance. Most states have K-12 and postsecondary data repositories that hold statewide longitudinal data on enrollment, demographics, assessments, retention and completion. Increasingly, states have invested in comprehensive online data dashboards in an […]

The Equity Imperative

Propelling more Americans toward postsecondary credentials of value must continue to be a priority for states nationwide. While obtaining a credential of value provides benefits for all students, significant benefits accrue to those from traditionally underserved and underrepresented populations. Postsecondary attainment is a powerful tool that affords these populations greater economic stability and upward social […]

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