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Driving Better Outcomes: Fiscal Year 2018 State Status & Typology Update

The 2015 report “Driving Better Outcomes: Typology and Principles to Inform Outcomes Based Funding Models,” established a comprehensive typology of outcomes-based funding (OBF) models and a state-by-state classification of funding systems according to the typology. The 2016 update of “Driving Better Outcomes” provided an enhanced typology informed by continued engagement with state policymakers and promising practices as well as updated state-by-state data. The FY 2016 report also included a state-by-state assessment of components and funding distributions, as well as a detailed breakdown of overall funding by sector for five states with advanced OBF models in place.

This 2018 update builds upon the previous two reports while taking a more detailed look at sector-level OBF policies. Specifically, whereas the previous reports assigned a formula type for the state as a whole, this report assigns a type for each sector OBF model in the states. Changes in state funding systems are highlighted, including an overview of OBF models being implemented and states where OBF models have been developed or initiatives are underway. This report also includes additional information about formula metrics, including metrics meant to provide incentives for underrepresented students to succeed.

View the full report: Driving Better Outcomes: Fiscal Year 2018 State Status & Typology Update