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Abigail Lore

Abigail Lore, FELLOW

As a fellow on HCM’s health team, Abigail (Abby) Lore has quickly established herself as a smart, passionate and dedicated patient advocate. Her commitment to the patient is evident through her work with various diabetes organizations such as The diaTribe Foundation, Dexcom and Diabetes Hands Foundation, where she has demonstrated a keen ability to develop messaging that is true to the patient voice and also able to resonate with the power players of the private and public sectors. Most notably, Abby served a key role in diaTribe’s 2016 and 2017 #beyondA1c campaigns that successfully leveraged personal stories of people with diabetes and their providers to persuade the FDA to adapt a more holistic approach to diabetes care and value outcomes beyond just A1C that account for patients’ overall quality of life. In addition to her work with the diabetes community, Abby also provides strategic guidance to Aemerge Redpak and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation on campaigns that include alternative energy practices for medical waste, affordable and accessible prescription drugs, and the future role of technology.

Abby excels in her ability to consistently merge her unique perspective as a patient with a sound understanding of effective advocacy strategies and creative approaches to connecting patients with policy makers and regulators. Adept at recognizing the common threads that can unite divergent groups around a singular goal, Abby’s skill at research, landscape analysis, and developing coalitions between nontraditional stakeholders are valued by both colleagues and clients. She is committed to improving quality of life for all patients, while never relenting on the search for a cure.

Abby’s work as a patient advocate began at a young age; diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 5 years old, early on she and her parents recognized the need for patients and caregivers to self-advocate, and the benefits of joining forces with organizations to advance a shared agenda. From that point, Abby and her family became deeply involved with diabetes awareness education and volunteer work with the JDRF organization. At the age of six, Abby was one of the first children in the practice to receive an insulin pump, and later participated in medical trials to evaluate the impact of Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) use in teens. In 2011, she took her story to Washington, DC as a member of JDRF’s Children’s Congress to campaign members of Congress to commit funding for vital research into diabetes treatments, technology, and the fight for a cure. Following this experience, patient advocacy became an integral part of Abby’s life. She was an active participant in the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation program and founded and the led the American University chapter of the College Diabetes Network.

Abby earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from American University and has returned to her alma mater to pursue a master’s degree in Public Administration. Prior to joining HCM, Abby held internships with JDRF Government Affairs, Emily’s List and US Senator Jeanne Shaheen. A New Hampshire native, she currently resides in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, DC and enjoys running and biking through the city, spending time with friends, and blogging.

What drives me is knowing that there are patients out in the country who could feel better, live better and be better if they had access to the right tools, drugs, devices, technology, healthcare and education. In my role as a fellow, I want to do anything I can to help better the lives and the quality of life of patients, big or small. I think that my experience as a patient only makes my passion as a patient advocate that much stronger.