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Christina Granados

Christina Granados, ASSOCIATE

A native of Peru and a product of public schools in underserved communities, Christina Granados knows firsthand the impact that quality education can have on an individual’s ability to achieve her dreams. Grateful for the doors that education opened for her, Christina has devoted her career to helping institutions and individuals gain the resources they need to maximize educational success.

At HCM, she serves as a lead for Lumina Foundation’s Strategy Labs, providing policy expertise to states in order to reduce equity gaps in higher education attainment. She honed her policy and advocacy skills in a variety of leadership roles in prominent public interest organizations such as Amnesty International and Neighborhood Legal Services. Most recently, Christina served as the Education Policy Director at the Alliance for a Better Community (“ABC”), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health and educational equity in communities of color.

Christina entered the U.S. public school system speaking English as a second language and with hearing loss that contributed to learning disabilities. Christina persevered and began her post-secondary education in California’s community college system.  She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she graduated with honors, with a triple major in political science, history, and international development studies.  She remained at UCLA for law school (UCLAW), specializing in public interest law and policy and critical race studies. Christina then traveled east to pursue her master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she was awarded a Zuckerman Fellowship by Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership.

Passionate about community service, Christina helped to develop the Juvenile Justice Project, a collaboration between UCLA and Learning Rights Law Center that focused on the school-to-prison pipeline.  She currently serves on the board of REPAIR, a nonprofit organization that engages in research, education and advocacy to address disabilities stemming from social problems.  A recent cancer survivor, Christina resides in sunny Los Angeles, California, where she practices daily gratitude and enjoys watching lovely sunsets alongside her husband.