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Erica Felker


Erica Felker leads the public opinion research and content creation for HCM Strategists’ K-12 portfolio.  She has spent the last two years deeply engaged in comprehensive research to understand parent mindsets as it relates to their expectations for schools, assessments and student achievement.

This work has been done in partnership with multiple clients, including the Collaborative for Student Success, The Winston Group, Learning Heroes and the High Quality Assessment Project. To date, Felker has been involved in almost 60 qualitative sessions and multiple nationally representative surveys aimed at better understanding how to effectively communicate standards, assessments and accountability to parents and the public and how to equip teachers to engage in these topics in a constructive way.  The materials she has developed, on behalf of Learning Heroes, based on this research have been used in over half of the states as they have prioritized communicating to parents and families.

Prior to joining HCM, Felker spent nearly a decade as a teacher and educator of students with special needs and continues to draw from that experience to support clients. She works closely with the Collaborative for Student Success’ teacher network and collaborates with national teacher voice organizations to better understand the mindset of teachers across the country and to work to increase their voices in policy-making. Felker is also working to improve professional learning for educators on behalf of a client whose goal is to create a model of professional learning that meets recertification requirements and puts teachers in the drivers’ seat. She received her Masters in Public Policy from George Mason University.


As a special educator for 9 years, I witnessed firsthand the problems that plagued our public school system and the effect they have on students. My students are the ones who continue to inspire me the most. In my classroom, I felt hopeless, knowing I was unable to create the change they needed to be given a fair shot, and that I had no choice but to accept the broken system would fail them. I do this work to change the situation for students like mine in the hopes of giving them a voice to create the opportunities and change they need to open the door to a better future.