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Essence Joe

Essence Joe, Administrative Assistant

As administrative assistant on HCM Strategists’ postsecondary team, Essence Joe provides executive support to partners and senior staff, and manages scheduling for HCM’s education teams and day-to-day operations in the Washington, DC office. Essence enjoys supporting policy research and development that advocate for social and educational changes to ensure higher education is accessible and equitable for all communities, particularly those traditionally underrepresented in the postsecondary field. She is passionate about the need to improve the quality and diversity of our financial aid systems so they better support students from the college application process through degree completion.

Essence has more than seven years of administrative assistant experience working for a state tax office, Pepsi Co, and the American Cancer Society. In addition to her employment with HCM, Essence is currently working on her bachelor of science in environmental health at the University of Maryland. A native of New York City, in her spare time Essence enjoys exploring our nation’s capital to see how the city stacks up to the Big Apple.