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Lydia Kuykendal

Lydia Kuykendal, Senior Associate

Lydia Kuykendal joins HCM Strategists with 7 years of experience in advocacy and government relations.  She specializes in engaging diverse stakeholders to advance health policy goals, and is known for her ability to identify the common threads that lead to powerful coalitions within communities.  Inspired by the issues that drive campaigns, Lydia is routinely sought as an expert in advocacy training and public speaking engagements. She is currently contributing to the advocacy campaigns of the National Institute of Health’s All of Us Research Program, The Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation, and Aemerge Redpak.

Lydia lives in Arlington, VA and enjoys adventurous cuisine and attending the theater with her fiancé.


Every child can remember hearing that “life isn’t fair”. Whether it came from a parent, grandparent or teacher, it made an impression. What it didn’t do is explain why. But children grow up, and the “why” becomes more important as we discover that there are many unfair practices that we can fix. Everything from housing regulations to educational policies to access to healthcare can be forces for fairness. So, to amend what your mother told you “life isn’t fair – but I’m damn sure gonna fight to change that.