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HCM Strategists is a public policy advocacy and consulting firm dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and patients. We believe that good policy ideas are created when individuals are given a voice, and that sound public policy drives progress. We strive to align, advocate for and advance such policy to improve education and health outcomes.


  • We ALIGN by connecting a problem to a policy and to practice.
  • We ADVOCATE by capturing attention and strengthening public will to action.
  • We ADVANCE by pursuing change through finding common ground, proposing specific solutions and forging strong alliances.

Terrell Halaska, Kristin Conklin, and Michael Manganiello founded HCM in 2008 with a shared vision for change. Our team and record of effectiveness demonstrate that achieving policy change takes a combination of high-level government experience, an understanding of people’s struggles, a network of strong relationships, keen analytical and listening skills, and the relentless commitment to find fresh, creative approaches to addressing issues.

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