Andrew Rauch

Senior Associate

Andrew is a Senior Associate with HCM working to develop talent finance and affordability plans for higher education in states across the country. He brings a team-centered approach to his work at HCM and believes in working collaboratively to drive quality education policies that lead to positive outcomes for students. Andrew strives to work with a variety of different stakeholders to build an approach that’s unique and successful for different states.

Andrew has had an extensive career working in government and education, beginning with his work for the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee conducting program evaluations on various topics including employee health benefits, senior services, and K-12 education. From there, Andrew worked for Colorado’s Department of Higher Education on the College Opportunity Fund. Most recently, he oversaw financial aid, Colorado’s outcomes-based funding model, and the development of the Department’s operating budget request.

Andrew holds a B.A. in economics from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland and a Master’s degree in public policy from William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

As a Colorado native, Andrew loves to run, hike, cook, read, fly fish, and watch the Rockies continuously suffer in his spare time.

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