Ashsali Hamlet

Administrative Assistant

Ashsali Hamlet is an administrative assistant for HCM’s postsecondary team. She provides essential administrative support by assisting the team with expense reports, scheduling and specific projects. Ashsali also manages HCM’s Colorado office and oversees essential office tasks and logistics for the staff.

Before joining HCM, Ashsali worked as an administrative assistant and manager for a number of organizations in the retail industry. She decided to make the transition to HCM because of the firm’s mission of making effective positive changes in many communities across the nation. She values working closely with HCM staff and helping effect positive change in people’s lives through health and education policy.

Ashsali graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and plans to continue her education by pursuing a master’s degree. Making a difference in people’s lives is a fundamental goal for Ashsali, and she hopes to one day advocate for criminal justice reform.

Ashsali is a Denver, Colorado native and mother of two. She often spends time with her children playing video games and sports. Ashsali is also the lead singer and female rapper of a local Colorado electro, hip-hop, soul band. She also enjoys playing the piano and clarinet.




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