Katherine Westerhold

Senior Affiliate

Katherine Westerhold is an education consultant with expertise in both P-12 education and higher education policy and strategy. Her work has spanned both public and non-profit sectors, often at the intersection of the two. Over the past decade, she has supported and led the design, roll-out and implementation of new system-wide policy initiatives intended to support teachers and leaders and improve outcomes for students, and she has advised non-profit sector and higher education leaders on policy and entry into new geographic markets.

Katherine spent the last several years working with Relay Graduate School of Education, a multi-state institution of higher education, leading Relay’s policy, government affairs, and growth efforts. In her role, she researched the landscape in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., advising on where to pursue growth next, and led the launch of five new sites across the country. In doing so, she played a key role in everything from public and private fundraising to obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, partnership building, new site operations, and sustainable financial modeling for new campuses. In that role, she was focused on both brick and mortar growth and growth via distance education. Katherine also drove the institution’s advocacy strategy, identifying policy issues of importance for the institution and leading the institution’s advocacy and outreach at both the federal and local levels.

Prior to her time spent with Relay, Katherine worked with two separate state education agencies, the New Jersey Department of Education and the Louisiana Department of Education. In New Jersey, Katherine played a key role in the design and roll-out of the State’s teacher evaluation system. In Louisiana, Katherine served as Chief of Staff for the Talent Office, playing a key role in the state’s design and implementation of a variety of educator-focused initiatives, including the design of a new teacher compensation system and oversight of the teacher evaluation system. Katherine started her career with The New Teacher Project.



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