Why I work with HCM

I always strive to live life with a purpose, with integrity, and genuine passion.  One way I do this is by ensuring my daily work and actions make an impact on peoples live for the better. The work that HCM is involved in exemplifies this.  I am motivated by our work to tirelessly address the broken facets of health care in our country by improving systems and ensuring patient and community voices are heard.

Katie Compher

Senior Associate

Katie Compher serves as a senior associate on HCM Strategists’ health innovation team and project manager of the firm’s work with the National Institute of Health’s All of Us research program. Katie is passionate about reducing health disparities and is committed to improving public health through a comprehensive approach that addresses socioeconomic and geographic complexities and values both community engagement and legislative policy solutions. She specializes in strategic development planning, coalition building and research and data analysis.

Katie has been a longtime advocate for advancing wellness among diverse populations through physical activity, exercise science and preventative care. A former personal trainer, she realized she could have a broader, more lasting impact on communities through a career in public health advocacy and health care policy.

Prior to joining HCM, she held a position as operations specialist for Choice Hotels International as well as program manager and federal contractor for Aquila Health and Fitness. During this time, she supported initiatives to increase corporate wellness and accessibility to healthy lifestyle solutions, and was responsible for stakeholder engagement, program implementation and data collection. She was also a recurring panelist on the Work Life discussion series, bringing awareness to healthy habits in the workplace.

Katie holds a master’s degree in public health from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Bowling Green State University. She lives in the Washington, D.C. metro area with her husband and their Boston terrier, Louie, where she enjoys running in her spare time.



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