Why I work with HCM

As a first generation Latina, I’ve been privileged to receive an education and have seen how it changes lives. Through HCM’s work in equity, I want to help other underrepresented populations achieve their dreams as well.

Liliana Diaz


At HCM Strategists, Liliana works as an associate with the postsecondary team. She has worked in higher education for the last eight years, beginning her work in admissions at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she first realized her interest in higher education.

Liliana brings to her role a passion for helping students achieve their goals, previously working with the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Excel Pre-Collegiate Program to provide under-resourced schools and students with the support to be accepted into the college of their choice. From Excel, she moved to the Colorado Department of Higher Education, working with the College Access Challenge Grant Program to provide financial aid 101, FAFSA and ICAP completion workshops in both English and Spanish. Later, Liliana moved to Arapahoe Community College and worked in both financial aid and student recruitment.

Liliana completed her master’s in higher education administration at the University of Denver and is a doctoral student within the same program. Liliana has both a bachelor’s in journalism and in film studies with a certificate in technology, arts and media from the University of Colorado Boulder. She has previously served as the president and technology chair of the Colorado Council on High School/College Relations, a non-profit organization that brings together high school counselors, college admissions officers and student support programs to increase college access for Colorado students.

Liliana lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and infant daughter who keeps them on their toes. She enjoys social sports like kickball and volleyball and “geeks out” over films of all kinds.

Areas of Expertise



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