Why I work with HCM

Every day, I have the opportunity to give a voice to those that have been underserved or underrepresented in research and in accessing health care. I work to ensure that the patient voice is central to conversations about health outcomes and quality of life. I develop and deepen relationships with key stakeholders and the individuals they serve and represent. I create tools and the training needed to effectively use those tools to help them advance priorities. And I work to find ways to bring people together around a common goal. This is what making a difference looks like and feels like. And this is what motivates me. 

Ronnie Tepp


With more than twenty years of health policy experience, Ronnie Tepp brings a deep understanding of the medical research community and a passion for patient advocacy to her work with HCM Strategists. She lends her considerable expertise to HCM’s health care clients, such as the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research program. As the Principal Investigator for this project, Ronnie leads and manages a team tasked with reaching, educating and engaging underrepresented communities in medical research. Ronnie and the HCM team have built out a national network of trusted messengers and have developed tools to educate and support them in bringing the program to their communities.

In addition to this work, Ronnie specializes in strategy and policy development, coalition-building and advocacy. She has a talent for bringing stakeholders as well as nontraditional groups together to develop and advance collective agendas. In developing and managing coalitions for the diabetes and disability communities, Ronnie has proactively identified opportunities to promote good policy, helped the groups coalesce around a common strategy and built trust internally to maximize their impact. The result has been the development of formidable coalitions that have succeeded in uniting and amplifying the voice of their communities and affecting change for the benefit of patients and families.

Ronnie’s career in health care began in the halls of the United States Congress, where she served as a senior-level congressional staffer during the health reform debates of the 1990s. At that time, she also earned her master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University, focusing her studies on health policy and developing an intellectual curiosity for the complicated nature of health care issues.

After a stint as vice president of a lobbying firm representing academic medical centers and health advocacy organizations, Ronnie served as chief lobbyist for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), an experience she credits with showing her the full power of effective patient advocacy on health policy. Harnessing the passion and tenacity of JDRF’s advocates, Ronnie developed and executed legislative and advocacy strategies that resulted in new research on pancreatic islet cell transplantation and a $1.1 billion federal investment in type 1 diabetes research.

A native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Skidmore College and Georgetown University, Ronnie lives with her husband and three children in Vienna, Virginia. She serves as a Board member of the Crohns and Colitis Foundation DC/Northern Virginia Chapter and when she is not at work, she can be found shuttling her kids between dance, drama, baseball and soccer practices.



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