Yuri Velasquez

Senior Associate

Yuri Velasquez is a Senior Associate and Engagement Counselor on HCM’s Health Innovation team, primarily working with the NIH’s All of Us Research Program. Yuri brings Over ten years of experience in public health. In this role, Yuri works with HCM’s Community & Provider Gateway Initiative Partners helping educate under-represented communities on the All of Us Program. He believes success and growth happen through teamwork and collaboration with the community and is passionate about working to engage and educate underserved communities.

Most recently, Yuri worked as a Health Educator and Prevention and Training Consultant for the Florida Department of Health. In this role, he provided STI, HIV and Hepatitis prevention education to Community-Based Organizations such as schools, drug treatment centers and county jails. Yuri has also previously served as an ambassador for several national campaigns, including the Greater Than AIDS – “I Got Tested” campaign, the CDC campaign- “HIV Treatment Works” and the ViiV Healthcare- “My HIV Hang-up” campaign. Other previous positions include Health Services Analyst and Disease Intervention Specialist for the Florida Department of Health where he provided education and care coordination for HIV treatment, and as Patient Advocacy Representative for the University of Miami, orienting new families and patients to the Miami Family Care Program as well as educating patients on medication adherence.

In his spare time, Yuri enjoys traveling to different states and visiting local landmarks, historical sites and attractions. Yuri loves the outdoors and staying physically active by hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding. He is also an avid runner who has participated in 5K races, half-marathons, full marathons, mud runs and obstacle races. 




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