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HCM Strategists has a long record of success that is based on our ability to leverage our comprehensive network, forge creative alliances with non-traditional partners, motivate communities and provide leadership and strategic vision to these efforts on behalf of our clients.

We’ve delivered on project goals across our practice areas, from developing and implementing effective, strategic advocacy campaigns to building networks and coalitions at the federal and state levels and providing state-level policy guidance, strategic planning, capacity building and research.

Read the case studies below for insight on the mission, action and impact of select HCM client initiatives.

Issue Spotlight: Transfer

The transfer process has been broken as long as it has existed. One underlying issue is that, as students move across learning institutions and the workplace, the various learning experiences they accumulate along the way do not always neatly translate to degrees and credentials that have value for careers or further education. In fact, students can lose a third of their credits or more as they transfer, resulting in time and money wasted and prolonged delays to their career success and advancement.

Moreover, the transfer pipeline has done even worse by low-income students and Black, Indigenous and Latinx students, who are about half as likely to reach completion. While recent reforms have made incremental improvements, what is needed now, as our country faces one of the biggest crises of modern times, is a big fix. That is why HCM is working to transform the system through sound public policy that will produce more equitable outcomes for transfer students. Our dedicated staff continues to work toward solutions that recognize the diverse needs and full range of experiences of today’s transfer students. Learn more about the work we are doing below.

Case Studies

Analyzing Middle Skills Jobs and Education Requirements
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Tackling Inequities Through Intentional Strategic Planning
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Building Capacity for Change in Federal Financial Aid Advocacy
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Support for Equity-Minded Leadership
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K-12 ESSA Plans: Deep Diving into State K-12 Accountability Systems
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Outcomes-Based Funding: Driving Outcomes for Students Through Aligned Funding Models
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Partnering with Learning Heroes to Create School Report Cards That Meet Parents Where They Are With Information They Can Use
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