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Aemerge RedPak: Sparking a Revolution on Clean Medical Waste Processing


Safely treating and disposing of the vast amount of hazardous waste generated at medical facilities is a widespread and growing public health challenge. Current processing methods are inefficient, harmful to the environment, and do not fully eliminate the risk of contamination. But California-based Aemerge RedPak is revolutionizing medical waste treatment with technology that sustainably carbonizes and renders all waste unrecognizable, diverts 95% of treated medical waste away from landfills, recycles metals, and generates clean energy—all while reducing human contact with the waste itself. HCM Strategists is working to raise Aemerge RedPak’s regional and national profile to help the company expand its markets, thereby promoting greater safety and efficiency for patients and busy medical professionals, reducing liability, and protecting the environment.


After a thorough analysis of the company’s operational landscape, HCM developed and implemented a comprehensive launch strategy to introduce Aemerge RedPak and its high-impact technology to key policymakers and industry leaders, building strategic relationships in Congress, the Administration and the health care, higher education and medical waste fields. To educate and engage these leaders and potential customers, HCM distilled volumes of complex product and technical information into an effective set of marketing and messaging materials spanning communications channels, from an engaging website to compelling briefing materials, infographics and social media. HCM continues to conduct outreach across relationships and platforms to tell Aemerge Redpak’s story and share real-time successes, as well as develop and implement a governmental relations strategy to influence legislative and regulatory policies impacting the company’s growth and operations.


With a successful launch and a solid marketing and outreach infrastructure, Aemerge RedPak is poised to enter new markets with exponential growth. As adoption of its revolutionary technology increases, so too will the benefits to medical waste management consumers and the environment. And with the ability to treat other types of waste, potential applications are limitless. HCM is pleased to support market pioneer Aemerge RedPak in gaining the stature its important work merits and accelerating a smart, sustainable solution to a vexing real-world challenge.

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