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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crises brought massive disruption to our workplaces and learning institutions, millions of Americans were already pursuing further education and training beyond high school in a variety of  ways, ranging from online education to apprenticeships, digital badging, military service, and traditional college classrooms. As the country looks to spur economic recovery by quickly and affordably getting more students and workers the degrees and credentials needed for in-demand jobs, it is critical that we zero in on–and find ways to expand and improve– learning pathways and ensure that learners reap the benefits of their experiences. 

HCM Strategists and Kinetic Seeds are doing just that through Project APPLY, a content series that enlivens a national conversation around how today’s students and workers experience learning after high school. The series highlights the diverse ways students and workers access learning and offers ideas for how we might better recognize this learning through portable credit that can be applied to degrees and credentials with workplace relevance. Our experts make the case for how this approach will increase equity, build affordable pathways, and meet workforce needs.



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Empowering Today’s Learners and Workers with Due Credentials” by Dr. Lara K. Couturier, principal at HCM Strategists, and Christine Flanagan, president of Kinetic Seeds. 

Completion Agendas Require Transition Cultures” by Dr. Robin Colson,  Director of Innovation of Florida Virtual Campus and Leigh Anne Cappello, Chief Experience Officer of Kinetic Seeds.

Achieving Equity Requires Valuing the 21st Century Learner Experience” by Elizabeth Salinas, senior research associate HCM Strategists.

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