Back to Basics: HIV/AIDS Advocacy as a Model for Catalyzing Change

Back to Basics explores how the HIV/AIDS advocacy movement revolutionized patient engagement. While there is a vast archive of information documenting this period, this analysis is the first to study the tactics and strategies employed by the activists as it impacts medical research, to see whether it could be effective today.

Together with Faster Cures, HCM Strategists conducted extensive interviews with activists who started the movement, scientists responsible for directing the research, and federal officials who had power at both the Congressional and federal agency levels to fund and change policy. This paper discusses — from the perspective of those interviewed — the components of the activists’ advocacy model and the tactics and strategies they used to achieve success in their efforts. Perhaps of greatest interest to organizations looking to catalyze change today, this paper suggests how this model is relevant and provides a roadmap for approaching current challenges.

View the full report: BACK TO BASICS

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