HCM Strategists Launches New Promising Policy Video Series

The Series Features Education Experts Highlighting Promising Policies to Drive Better Outcomes and Equity In Education

Washington, D.C. – HCM Strategists, one of the nation’s leading advocacy and public policy firms, has launched a new video series as part of the Promising Policy initiative. The videos feature education experts who will highlight policies that drive better outcomes and equity in education. The first video in the series features HCM Senior Director, Martha Snyder discussing the development and implementation lifecycle of promising policies. In the video, Snyder also discusses the three core policy areas that are pivotal for reform and connect K-12, postsecondary and the workforce.

“HCM’s Promising Policy series is a way for us to disseminate information and policy analysis to the field by leveraging our team’s experience working directly with policymakers and stakeholders, as well as our review and evaluation of key state policies that can drive equity, access and student success,” says Snyder. 


Visit our Promising Policy YouTube Channel HERE!

Martha Snyder is an education policy specialist with high-level experience supporting federal and state policymakers. At HCM Strategists, she provides policy expertise and strategic counsel on a wide range of areas from finance to accountability to college readiness and affordability. Martha serves as the key strategist on state postsecondary policy work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this role, she manages state policy research and analysis and examines the impact of key state and national policy trends. Snyder also provides strategic expertise on finance and transitional policies related to improved outcomes and student success.

“We at HCM believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality education, and policy should be used to help break down barriers for students of color and low-income communities,” said Terrell Halaska Dunn, managing partner at HCM Strategists. “We thank all the experts featured in this series for their work and commitment to providing quality education for all, and look forward to our continued work with them to accomplish that goal.”

The second video in the series features Louisiana’s Commissioner of Higher Education Dr. Kim Hunter Reed. Working with the Louisiana Board of Regents, Reed is leading the state’s efforts to increase educational attainment by developing its talent base resulting in a more prosperous Louisiana that seeds innovation, grows opportunity and secures a bright economic future. Reed has extensive higher education and government experience. 

You can read more about HCM’s Promising Policy initiative on our website, Promising Policy: Driving Better Outcomes and Equity in Education. The website features policy papers, infographics, presentations, blogs and interactive maps highlighting some of the most impactful state postsecondary education policies. 

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