In The News: Michael Manganiello Shares His Story In “Medication Overload: How the drive to prescribe is harming older Americans”

Medication Overload: How the drive to prescribe is harming older Americans

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Patient Story: Michael Manganiello
Living with HIV, Managing Medications
I never realized how much medication management could make a difference in my life until someone fixed it. I am a very active 60-year-old, and I am HIV positive so I have a cocktail of about 13 different medications I need to take each month. When my local community health center moved into a new building with an in-house pharmacy, my meds became impossible to manage. The prescribing times for my meds were out of sync, so I found myself having to go to the pharmacy every four days to refill one, spending nearly two hours a week in line. 
One of my very effective antiviral medications was running out and it took me almost a week to be able to get it refilled. At that point I was practically in tears, begging the pharmacist to figure out the preauthorizations and refill the medication. The stress was starting to hurt my health and I was seriously considering leaving the health center. 
Then the pharmacy created a new system, in which “highutilizers” like myself were given one pharmacist to manage the group. Soon after, my medication refill times were perfectly synced up, so I only have to go to the pharmacy once a month. This new system has changed my life. I’m not stressed out anymore and I got so many hours back. People shouldn’t have to think about their meds all day. It’s hard enough every morning and night swallowing a zillion pills. It makes all the difference that I don’t have to worry about my meds. 
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