New Tackling Transfer Blog Series Launched With Inside Higher Ed

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New Tackling Transfer Blog Series Launched With Inside Higher Ed 

HCM Strategists’ Juana H. Sánchez Authors Second Blog in the Series 

HCM Strategists, one of the nation’s leading advocacy and public policy firms, has announced the launch of a new Tackling Transfer blog series featured in Inside Higher Ed. This new series aims to elevate the work underway around the country to improve outcomes for transfer students. The series will also share lessons and tools that can help accelerate change and lower barriers to equitable transfer student success. The first blog in the series is titled “Introducing Tackling Transfer” and was authored by Alison Kadlec of Sova.

“The work of the Tackling Transfer partnership is based on the conviction that meaningful — and meaningfully equitable — improvements in outcomes for transfer students entail clear-eyed and comprehensive attention to policy, practice, leadership, communications and culture,” writes Alison Kadlec. “This blog will reflect that conviction by covering a wide range of topics that speak to issues across these dimensions of change.”

Today, the second blog in the series was published on Inside Higher Ed by Juana H. Sánchez, Senior Associate of HCM Strategists. This latest blog is titled “Adding College Transfer to the Biden Administration’s Agenda.” The piece addresses how college affordability remains a false promise without improving the community college transfer pipeline.

“For too long, we have sold students and families across the country false promises about transfer, encouraging them to enroll in community college as a more affordable way to achieve the same end-goal of a bachelor’s degree,” writes Juana H. Sánchez. She goes on to propose ways the new administration can play a leading role on transfer: “What we need now to accelerate progress is an active partner in the White House who can increase federal investment and mobilize more stakeholders to build momentum nationally. We don’t pretend that it will be easy […] but we are working now with a group of bold thinkers and doers under the Tackling Transfer Policy Advisory Board to develop actionable ideas for state and federal policymakers that are informed by the good work on the ground.”

Read the full piece and previous posts in the weekly Tackling Transfer column here.

HCM Strategists, Sova and The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program are working together to address this persistent problem across the country through the Tackling Transfer initiative. We are partnering with institutional leaders, policymakers and practitioners in Minnesota, Texas and Virginia to dramatically improve transfer outcomes for baccalaureate-seeking students who begin at community colleges.

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