Our Transfer Work In The News

Together with our clients and partners, HCM Strategists elevates transfer and credit applicability policies as foundational to achieving educational equity and preparing a skilled workforce. Our experts are shifting the narrative through strategic data analysis, creative case-making, original policy research and recommendations, and accessible infographics and presentations. Find select examples of our work below. 

Opinion Editorial: “To Support Today’s Transfer Students, Take a Hard Look at State Policy,” by Danielle Zaragoza,  Associate at HCM Strategists. 

Opinion Editorial:As Higher Education Navigates a New Normal, Don’t Let Transfer Students Waste Time and Money” by Dr. Lara K. Couturier, Principal at HCM Strategists and Joshua Wyner, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program

Webcast: The Fall Enrollment Picture and Peril for Post-Traditional Students, an Inside Higher Education on-demand webcast with Juana H. Sanchez, Senior Associate at HCM Strategists 

Blog: Adding College Transfer to the Biden Administration’s Agenda, a piece on Biden administration, affordability & transfer

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