The American Dream 2.0

How Financial Aid Can Help Improve College Access, Affordability and Completion

Every year, millions of men and women enroll in a U.S. college or university. They dream of earning a degree that will help them secure a good job and support their family. Many of them, however, won’t see that dream come true. Almost half of all students who enroll in an institution of higher learning do not graduate with any credential within six years.

Our coalition believes smarter, more efficient, and more effective financial aid investments will strengthen our country and improve millions of lives. Today, we start a national dialogue and offer three overarching recommendations:

  • Make aid simpler and more transparent;
  • Spur innovations in higher education that can lower costs and meet the needs of today’s students; and
  • Ask institutions, states, and students to share responsibility for producing more graduates without compromising access and affordability.

Now is the time to seize that opportunity and marry access with student success in our financial aid programs.

View the full report: THE AMERICAN DREAM 2.0

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