Why I work with HCM

“I enjoy the HCM culture and staff so much that I decided to join the firm full-time after working here temporarily. Everyday HCM strives to help communities, improve education, and assist clients that are making a positive impact in the lives of students.”


Amber Crudgington

Finance Associate

Amber Crudgington currently serves as a finance associate for HCM. In this role, Amber helps implement firm policies, processes and procedures, as well as provides administrative support for HCM’s finance and operations team. She is responsible for ensuring all subcontractor and vendor invoices are accurate and processed correctly with HCM’s client contracts. Additionally, Amber assists in the review and processing of all of the firm’s employee expense reports, including training new employees on the firm’s expense reimbursement policies.

Amber has an extensive background in finance and accounting, previously serving as a staff accountant for Phoenix 1 Restoration & Construction in Texas. Amber also worked full time while simultaneously earning her bachelor’s of science in public affairs from The University of Texas at Dallas. 

 Amber started as a temporary employee in HCM’s Austin, Texas, office but enjoyed the culture and staff so much that she decided to join the firm full-time. Outside of work, Amber enjoys hiking, painting, soccer, music and spending time with her family. 



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