Why I work with HCM

I believe education affords opportunity and breaks down societal barriers. I’m inspired and encouraged by my colleagues and clients who are committed to improving access and equity by challenging the status quo.

Jessica Collis

Program Director, Advocacy and Change Management

Jessica is committed to empowering individuals to overcome obstacles created by poverty, social disenfranchisement and the consequences of misguided policies. She brings that passion to her work at HCM, where she project manages several of the education projects.

Jessica believes that reforms in health and education can lead to a stronger nation.  She prides herself in HCM’s work to craft and promote good policy and draws from a diverse personal and professional background in her furtherance of HCM’s mission.

A dual British and American citizen, Jessica was born in Great Britain and spent her early years there before moving to the U.S.  Her time in Great Britain provided her with a unique experience with the benefits of nationalized health care; yet, she also knows all-too-well that good policies often have unintended consequences. Before arriving at HCM, Jessica worked for the British Embassy, where she supported critical embassy functions and managed sensitive tasks. Jessica held earlier posts in the real estate sector and worked to expand eco-friendly product innovations.  She also served as an Illinois volunteer coordinator for Obama for America in 2012.

A Chicago native, Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree in international relations at Beloit College, and credits the intimate learning environment of a liberal arts college with helping her to excel in a variety of educational pursuits. While in school, she worked for Beloit’s office of admissions, where she guided countless students and their parents through the enrollment process and gained a keen understanding for the impact of financial aid policies on students’ ability to pursue post-secondary education.

Jessica currently lives in Washington, D.C., where she can be found exploring the city and feeding her inner foodie through the pursuit of the perfect brunch destination.  She feeds her intellectual curiosity through an addiction to TED Talks and hopes that life in D.C. settles down long enough for her to eventually adopt her favorite breed of dog – a British bulldog.



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