Why I work with HCM

The two key drivers for my work are 1) my disdain for unequal outcomes that play out based on basic human differences like race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and 2) my conviction that the solutions requires everyone coming together to fix them. My training and heart are in political social work practice where we work at a policy level to address these problems and give voice to those not considered to be the majority. These systemic and historic problems don’t change overnight and require the long-term commitment of people across sectors and segments – however defined – to work together to find common ground with common vision and purpose to forge a path toward equality.

Malia Sieve

Senior Director

Malia Sieve is a policy and strategy expert who brings to HCM Strategists a deep commitment to improving lives and creating a world with greater equity. She lends her considerable experience to HCM’s postsecondary practice, helping clients to develop the relationships and strategies necessary to achieve their policy goals. Primarily contributing to state policy work, she collaborates with individual states and state-level leaders such as state higher education officers, legislators, philanthropists and labor offices on process, goal and metric setting and monitoring progress. Malia specializes in building connections across leaders and sectors to solve complex challenges. Her clients include Lumina Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO).

A lifelong Connecticut resident, Malia developed an early passion for youth issues and initially dreamed of becoming a high school math teacher. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in social policy and a master’s degree in social work, Malia served as project director for the Connecticut Policy and Economic Council. In that role, she honed her policy analysis and data collection skills, evaluating the effectiveness of the state’s juvenile justice system. Malia then moved to the United Way of Connecticut, where she ran the organization’s Community Results Center. With a larger platform from which to affect change, Malia supported several state-level policy efforts focused on maximizing Connecticut’s early childhood through workforce initiatives.

Firmly entrenched in the higher education policy realm, Malia then joined the policy staff of the Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education, where she led the board’s efforts to align secondary and postsecondary education and workforce initiatives. A believer in the power of collaborative relationships to further good policy, Malia managed the Governor’s P-20 Council and facilitated educator partnerships to improve student outcomes and college readiness. She also put to work her policy implementation know-how, directing several large federal grants to improve students’ readiness for and access to higher education.

Malia began her relationship with HCM as an independent consultant and quickly realized that the firm shared her talent and passion for strategic thinking and coalition building to advance good policy. A people person at heart, Malia works to ensure people feel connected and supported, and she enjoys HCM’s emphasis on bringing organizations together and aligning objectives to prepare more students for academic success.

Married with twins, Malia currently lives in Waterford, Connecticut. She currently sits on the Connecticut State Board of Education. In constant pursuit of the elusive work-life balance, Malia spends her free time cheering her children during their sporting events, traveling with her family and relaxing with true crime television.



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