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First Three Grant Recipients for FFAA Fund

HCM Strategists announced the first recipients of the Federal Financial Aid Advocacy (FFAA) Fund. The three organizations—Campaign for College Opportunity, National College Access Network and Thurgood Marshall College Fund—were selected from a competitive group of 17 applicants and will receive a collective total of $492,300 for their respective projects.

The Federal Financial Aid Advocacy Fund is Accepting Applications!

The newly launched FFAA Fund will support $1 million in short-term advocacy activities that engage new stakeholders in federal policymaking for financial aid.

State Policy Approaches to Support Prior Learning Assessment

CAEL and HCM's "State Policy Approaches to Support for Prior Learning Assessment" is a comprehensive, must-read report for state policy and system leaders considering or planning prior learning assessment approaches in their state. Read the full report here.

Driving Better Outcomes

Driving Better Outcomes:Typology and Principles to Inform Outcomes-Based Funding Models is an in-depth look at the evolution of state outcomes-based funding policies over time and the types of policies being implemented across the country.

Maximizing Resources

The Maximizing Resources for Student Success project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, paired top researchers with experienced institutional leaders to develop studies that focus on improving student outcomes and affordability at comprehensive four-year institutions through four strategic investigations.

American Dream 2.0

A coalition of civil rights, student, business, higher education and philanthropic leaders issue The American Dream 2.0 and call for improvements in college completion and financial aid. The coalition came together because they see the promise of using incentives within the $226 billion financial aid system to help address our nation's college completion challenge.

Back To Basics

Back to Basics explores how the HIV/AIDS advocacy movement revolutionized patient engagement.

The report highlights 5 key elements of the advocacy model that can be used by today's patient advocates to catalyze significant public policy change.

Voluntary Institutional Metrics Project

A coalition of 18 institutions of higher learning collaborated for two years to develop a breakthrough framework for data consideration in policymaking. This new framework urges measurement of five critical issue areas.

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